sando + friends (est. 2022)
'Sando and Friends' is an illustrative story that follows Chimi as she explores life in a small seaside town. With the help of Sando and her new friends, Chimi slowly gets to know the town's nooks, crannies and mysteries.
Inspired by my life experiences and, of course, my sandwich alter ego, I write, draw and share 'episodes' on Instagram, creating an alternate universe for people to immerse themselves in.
Some of my followers and I have imagined this universe as a cosy video game in the future, but for now, were taking our time working on world-building and running a small souvenir shop where I sell my designs as if real items from the fictional town.
@s.andoitchi (est. 2017, the OG, pre sando + friends)
Before diving completely into the world of character design and digital illustration, I illustrated the simple traditional way. Documenting my progress on Instagram, you can see how my style and themes changed over the years (see the Instagram story highlight titled 'archive').
I present to you, the eras:
✦ realistic miniature watercolour portraits and landscapes
✦ black and white hand typography and florals
✦ freehand graphite portraits
✦ edgier portraits (people lost their eyes...) and observational sketches
✦ architecture and outfits
✦ freehand drawings of people, objects and anything i felt like (a lot more freedom in this final era; the colour edit tied them altogether)
Was quite a ride and I learnt so much. Looking back on these illustrations reminds me of how far I've come, and how far I could go.