Hello! I'm Sandra, an honours graduate with experience across a variety of creative fields, including illustration, graphics, and web design. I tend to approach projects from a perspective that brings together organic and digital mediums, seeking balance between the physical realm and our increasingly digital society.
I believe design has the power to stimulate meaningful change and experiences. If I can use this to do good, even on a small scale, then that's a win in my eyes! 
Sandoitchi or サンドイッチ means 'sandwich' in Japanese. From growing up exposed to Japanese popular culture, studying the language and travelling to Japan as part of high school, I started going by this name online, in 2017. Though, to be honest, I chose it mostly because it was a unique word that sounded like my name.
But 'sandoitchi' also seemed to represent me:
A combination of different creative fields, cultural backgrounds
and experiences, all sandwiched into one

Over the years, the name has just stuck and I can't seem to let it go!

what i do
 website design + management (incl. basic copywriting + SEO)
 graphic design
✦ illustration
✦​​​​​​​ social media
During 2021, the last year of my Design (Honours) degree at UNSW, I completed an internship in website design. This has since led to the creation of my small freelance business: STUDIO SANDOITCHI. Here, I mainly design and manage websites for small businesses, especially those who have been active for years now and are in need of a refresh or helping hand.
Web design allows you to get to know a brand really well, and has therefore led to some clients commissioning other work depending on their needs, such as graphic design and social media management. If I lack experience in an area they require, I will gladly learn a new skill or point clients in the direction of extra help.
While I am based in Sydney, Australia, I do most of my work from home and therefore have the flexibility to work with people across the country or globe!
Sandra at Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden
looking into the future
It has been my childhood dream to be an artist or illustrator. So outside of helping clients, I have a side-project called 'Sando and Friends'. This is an illustrative story inspired by my life experiences and, of course, my sandwich alter ego. I write, draw and share 'episodes' on Instagram, creating an alternate universe for people to immerse themselves in.
Some of my followers and I have imagined this universe as a cosy video game in the future, but for now, were taking our time working on world building and running a small souvenir shop where I sell my designs as if real items from the fictional town.
Drop by and say hi or send a sandwich emoji 🥪 in the comments to tell me you came from my website! All support is much appreciated!
latte the cat from sando and friends in their cafe, with croissants and other pastries on display