Lane Cove Bushland and onservation Society is a non-profit organisation who seeks to preserve the natural bush and wetlands within Lane Cove, Sydney and nation-wide.
They are a small group, whose members are generally of the older generation. Despite this, they know how impactful social media and other online platforms can be incredibly impactful when it come to publicising their views, however it can be difficult for them to wrap their head around today's technology.
That's where I come in! Consider me the middle man between LCBCS and their social media (Facebook + Instagram) and website. When they need something posted or updated, I carry out that task for them, leaving them to focus more on charity work and what matter's most.
My work for LCBCS is only casual and often a little job every month or so, but I'm glad to be able to help (even in this small way) likeminded people who have spent so most of their life advocating for their passion.

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